Chatbot creation in Landbot


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Chatbot creation in Landbot


If you need to create a chatbot for conversations with clients, user support or simply capturing data you can take a look at Landbot.

What is Landbot?

Landbot is a no-code chatbot builder that allows you to create a chatbot using drag and drop functionality. Start from one of their many templates or start from scratch and implement the logic. It is used by some famous companies like Nestle and Coca-Cola.

With Landbot you can engage in conversations with your audience effortlessly. Design your chatbot logic by using ready elements and integrations with other applications. You have support for data collection, conditions, formulas, lead scoring for answers and much more.

Deployment of the chatbot is also simple, embed it into your website or share the chatbot through a link(chatbot link example at the end).

Landbot features

  1. Drag and drop chatbot builder

  2. Big list of pre-built templates

  3. Integrations with other applications(like Calendly)

  4. Data collection

  5. Conditional flows

  6. Support for formulas

  7. Lead scoring for answers

  8. Connect bot to a database

Pricing plans

Landbot has 3 main pricing models with extra support for business users:


Free Forever

For individuals trying to test things out on a chatbot.

Chats included 100/month

Extra chats N/A

Extra seat N/A



For individuals & small businesses that need customisations.

Chats included 500/month

Extra chats €10/500 chats

Extra seat €10/month



For mid-size businesses, agencies & growing startups.

Chats included 2500/month

Extra chats €10/500 chats

Extra seat €20/month

What did I create?

🤖 I wanted to create a chatbot in order to assist users visiting my website. For that I created 2 flows based on what button the user selects. One allows the user to ask me a question and receive an answer via email, whereas the other button allows the user to book a meeting with me(integrated with Calendly). Here is what that looks like in action:

Landbot chatbot.png Landbot chatbot flows

Chatbot in action.png The chatbot in action

Functionalities created

  • 2 user flows

  • Integration with Calendly

Apps integrated

  1. Calendly

  2. Email

My experience with Landbot

  • Onboarding 3.5/5

  • Ease of use 5/5

  • Community info 4/5

  • Functionalities 4.5/5

  • Code required: none

Chatbot link:

Share your experience with me if you have ever created a chatbot! 👋