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Day 2 of the challenge, creating a database in Xano

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·May 13, 2022·

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Day 2 of the challenge, creating a database in Xano

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • What is Xano?
  • Xano advantages
  • Pricing plans
  • What did I create?
  • My experience with Xano


In this 2nd day of the 30 days no-code challenge I have worked with Xano.

In case you have ever been in a situation where you needed to save data, but didn’t have the skills and knowledge to use SQL or similar tools, Xano is your solution.

What is Xano?

Xano is a tool that allows you in the fastest way to build a scalable backend for your app using no-code. You can easily migrate and transform data from any place and you can work with a free server instance after you login.

Xano advantages

  1. Create tables easily
  2. Default authentication support
  3. Facebook OAuth, Google OAuth and LinkedIn OAuth
  4. Generated API endpoints for tables
  5. Swagger API documentation for each endpoint

Pricing plans

Xano has 3 main pricing models with extra support for agency and enterprise clients:


1 Workspace

Rate limited API

10,000 Total Records


3 Workspaces

10GB of media storage

No Record Limit

No Rate limit - API

🧑‍🚀 SCALE 1X

5 Workspaces

50GB of media storage

No Record Limit

No Rate limit - API

What did I create?

I recreated in Xano 6 tables of data from a previous project I worked on and tested how easy it would be to work with the Xano API. Here are some images from my work:

Xano tables.png Xano tables

Xano APIs.png Xano API endpoints

Generated API endpoints.png Generated API endpoints

Swagger API documentation.png Swagger API documentation

Bubble with Xano.png Finally a small test to check if we retrieve the material table data correctly in Bubble!

My experience with Xano

  • Onboarding 4/5
  • Ease of use 3/5
  • Community info 3/5
  • Functionalities 5/5
  • Code required: none

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