Generating NodeJS code through Amplication tool


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Generating NodeJS code through Amplication tool
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Today I had the opportunity to work with a tool that generates you code in NodeJS.

The tool I am talking about is Amplication.

What is Amplication?

Amplication is a tool currently in Beta that generates apps that are production-ready. Every app generated using Amplication platform contains popular, documented, secured open-source components & packages of NodeJS.

You can easily create data models, create role-based access control and have authentication out of the box. At the end Amplication generates your application code in NodeJS and you have full control of the code.

Amplication features

  • NodeJS generated code

  • Create Entities

  • Have role-based access control

  • CI/CD with GitHub repository

  • 2 options for authentication providers, JWT and HTTP

  • Support for Docker container

  • Generated API endpoints

Pricing plans

Amplication is open-source. However there are limitied number of apps you can create per account, thus there is support for enterprise clients that need unlimited features.

What did I create?

I created 3 entities(tables) and added 2 roles, one for normal users and the other one for admin. I tested the created functionalities using their sandbox environment. I am yet to test how useful the code is, but the structure looks good and it works.


Functionalities created

  • NodeJS application

  • 3 tables with role-based access control

  • API endpoints

My experience with Amplication

  • Onboarding 4/5

  • Ease of use 5/5

  • Community info 4/5

  • Functionalities 4/5

  • Code required: none

Let me know what you think of such tools that generate code. ๐Ÿ˜Š