Start selling your product by using Gumroad

May 17, 2022·

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Start selling your product by using Gumroad
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Do you have a product, course, membership or maybe physical good you want to sell in the easiest way, without complicated integration with a payment service provider?

Here’s how you can do that with Gumroad!

What is Gumroad?

Gumroad is an app that allows you to start selling in the easiest way. Open an account, fill in your personal and payment information, create a product and start selling. It is used by many creators who focus on their products and leave payment details to Gumroad.

💸 Using Gumroad you can have your personal page, can create a number of product types, share new updates with Gumroad followers and get listed on Gumroad Discovery for extra exposure.

You can share your created product in Twitter, Facebook, use link sharing or embed it in your personal website.

Gumroad features

  1. Create personal page

  2. Create products to sell

  3. Receive payment easily

  4. Share updates with Gumroad followers

  5. Set up subscriptions

  6. Sell product variations

Pricing plans

Gumroad has an interesting pricing model. It is free to start, has no monthly fee and you pay less as you sell more. Here's how that looks like in practice:

Lifetime earnings milestones together with Gumroad fee

$0 with 9% fee

$1,000 with 7% fee

$10,000 with 5% fee

$100,000 with 3% fee

$1,000,000+ with 2.9% fee

+30c on each transaction

What did I create?

I created a test account together with a test product to showcase how easy it is to start selling. Create a product by selecting a product type, fill in the details for the product and start earning.

Functionalities created

  • Personal page

  • Test product

My experience with Gumroad

Onboarding 4/5

Ease of use 5/5

Community info 4/5

Functionalities 4.5/5

Code required: none

Let me know what you think of Gumroad! 😊

*Note: I am not selling anything in Gumroad, this was done for testing purposes only.